CUNY Virtual Desktop

The CUNY Virtual Desktop lets you access software remotely. Current applications available include ArcGIS, SPSS, SAS, Matlab, Mathematica and Maplesoft. No longer are you restricted by the hours and availability of your campus labs. The CUNY Virtual Desktop gives you access anytime and anywhere to costly applications you may need for your classes. Currently the CUNY Virtual Desktop is available to students and faculty at all CUNY schools that are on CUNYfirst. Up to 3000 students can use the CUNY Virtual Desktop at the same time. Additional schools, software and services will became available through the CUNY Virtual Desktop in the future. To maximize the availability of the CUNY Virtual Desktop, your session is limited to 8 hours. Inactivity for 20 minutes or more will end your CUNY Virtual Desktop session, and any unsaved data will be lost.

Windows Installation
Fri, Mar 20, 2020 1:37 PM