ITS (Information Technology Services) will be upgrading the antivirus software on Queens College computers. As a result of the upgrade, you may experience the following situations:

1. Windows reports a problem with virus protection
 You may see a popup notification asking that you “Turn on virus protection”


 computer image showing lower task bar and virus and threat protection alert

 and/or a yellow triangle next to the shield system icon in the system tray


computer image showing warning icon from windows system icon in lower task bar  

This is because the obsolete version of the software needs to be removed so that the updated version can be installed. This situation should resolve itself after the updated version is installed. If you continue to see this issue after 30 to 60 minutes you should contact the helpdesk.

2. Your web browser gives you a popup that “McAfee Endpoint Security Web Control” was added. This popup may look slightly different in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. We recommend that you “Turn on” the extension.

computer image of mcafee endpoint popup and turn on extension button