QWriting Transition General Inquiry and FAQs

QWriting was temporarily disabled on January 25, 2022, due to an anonymous message sent to CUNY Central (CIS) and Queens College stating that QWriting had Malware posted in the comments section of several QWriting sites. Both CUNY Central and Queens College validated the concerns, and our investigation found additional items. 

CUNY and Queens College take cybersecurity issues impacting our community very seriously.  Temporary, read only access was restored to site owners from 3:30 PM on Friday, January 28 through 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 21, 2022.  No content that existed on Qwriting has been lost and we are providing data exports to all site owners that request them. As of February 21, 2022, public access to Qwriting is no longer available.

The CUNY Academic Commons and Blackboard are the permanent hosting solutions for pedagogical content. The CUNY Academic Commons is currently available for use by CUNY faculty, staff, students, graduate alumni, postdocs, and (in special cases) non-CUNY members involved in CUNY projects. Departmental and program sites may temporarily use CAC until the new Queens College website launches later this spring. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why was access to Qwriting removed? The QWriting environment was infected with multiple high-level cybersecurity threats. ITS, in collaboration with CUNY CIS, worked to remove a majority of those risks.

How do I request a data export of my Qwriting site? All site owners may request data exports using the following link: https://support.qc.cuny.edu/support/catalog/items/135.. 

How do I request a redirect from my Qwriting site to a CUNY Academic Commons (CAC) site? Please use the following link to request a redirect: https://support.qc.cuny.edu/support/catalog/items/137

I'm a faculty member, where can I host my site? Pedagogical content may be moved to Blackboard and the CUNY Academic Commons permanently. It is imperative that faculty and staff do not contract with external hosting sites. This could result in further security threats and incidents that we are unable to mitigate. 

Please use the following resources to create CAC sites:

Where can my departmental or program sites be moved? Departmental and program sites may be temporarily moved to the CAC. The new Queens College website will launch later this Spring. Departmental and program webpages will be hosted on the new Queens College website. To request content editor & content publisher access for the new Queens College website, please use the following link: https://support.qc.cuny.edu/support/catalog/items/81.. 

What other support is available for this transition? We have partnered with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and CUNY Academic Commons to provide assistance with this transition. The following pedagogical and technical assistance will be offered: 

  • instruction on how to create and migrate content to Blackboard
  • assistance with recreating webpages in the CUNY Academic Commons web environment

How do I get started with the transition? Once you have obtained your data export, please register for a CUNY Academic Commons site. Then create a site. Faculty and staff may join virtual support sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from 12 PM-4 PM using the link virtual assistance link that is provided on a weekly basis via QCmailer. 

Additional helpful links:

Teaching with a site

Asynchronous "Workshop" For Getting Started on the Commons: (go to Activity 3)

Asynchronous "Workshop" For Creating a Course Site

We have attached a quick guide to transferring to Qwriting.

*We will continue to add information to this FAQ as we receive inquiries*