In setting up the ITS Virtual Service Desk Zoom meeting, there are ten items that must be considered.

Access to CUNY provisioned Zoom account 

See Instruction(s) on how to access CUNY Zoom account

This account allows for a maximum capacity of 300 users in a Zoom meeting. If required, a licensure with an increased capacity may be requested.

See service request form

Download OR Upgrade Zoom client 

The user can “Download and/or upgrade Zoom desktop clients” to the latest version released. 


Scheduling a meeting via Web 

Schedule a Zoom meeting via web at

See instruction(s) on how to schedule a meeting (select instruction(s) for Web)

Enable & customize “Waiting Room” in Zoom  

See instruction(s) on how to enable and customize Waiting Room

Pre-assign Breakout Rooms

See instruction(s) on how to Pre-Assign Breakout Room using the web portal

Alternative Host

See instructions how to designate an alternative host


“Live Transcription” in Zoom which is also known as “Closed Captioning,” should be enabled

See instruction(s) on how to "Enable Live Transcription”

Breakout Rooms 

See instruction(s) on how to manage Breakout Rooms

Screensharing and Remote Control

Screensharing and remote control may be utilized to assist Participants only in Breakout Rooms if CUNY (City University of New York) confidentiality rules are being followed. 

For further guidance, see 

Also see

Also see https://www.cunyedu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/page-assets/about/administration/offices/cis/information-security/security-policies-procedures/Data-Classification-Standard-CUNY-2019-8-19a.pdf

Generate Usage Report 

See instructions on how to generate usage report