PolicyIf you have been requested to, have withdrawn from classes, or are no longer enrolled as a matriculating student at CUNY (City University of New York) Queens College, you must return your device to the ITS Department immediately. 

Return Device Check List: 

  • Powerwash/Return to factory setting your device. Do not return your device without performing this step, or your personal information may be compromised. Instructions can be found here: 
  • If possible, return device in its original packaging.  
  • Have your Laptop Loan Policy and Agreement signed and returned with device. (This pertains to Loaner iPads, Chromebooks and T-Mobile Hotspots) 
  • Have your Off Campus/Portable Equipment Authorization Form signed and returned with device. 
  • Have your Computer/Printer and Peripherals Receipt signed and returned with device. 
  • If you are missing any of these forms, please let us know within 24hours prior to your scheduled appointment so we can have them ready for you. 


Returning your Device: 

  1. 1) Contact QNS-KEEPLEARNING-QC at Keeplearning@qc.cuny.edu to book an appointment slot with ITS. The members of Keeplearning will provide you with a link to fill out a Service Request Loaner Device Return Form. Be sure to access this form using your Queens College credentials.  

NOTE: If your access to CUNYfirst is no longer available to you along with any other campus login access, please provide Keeplearning with your Name, CUNY Email Address, Contact Number, CUNY ID, the QUE and Serial Number of your device and you Home Address. We will make arrangements for alternative return procedures. 


  1. 2) In that form is a link to access our MS Bookings Appointment Services to secure a 5-minute appointment slot. RETURNS ARE APPOINTMENT ONLY. All Return appointments are held in the KY Lobby (just pass Public Safety and the elevators) Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am-1pm. Be sure you are accessing with your QC credentials.  

Note: there is no same-day booking—you must book by 5pm. We will not be able to begin to process any request on a Friday till the following Monday (Holidays permitting). If you do not have a Service Request, put in for your device we will not be able to hold your appointment slot. 


  1. 3) Once you have your Service Request filled in and an appointment slot set, please download the Everbridge App. Information on Everbridge can be found here: https://support.qc.cuny.edu/a/solutions/articles/15000035202 You must be approved to be granted access to campus prior to coming. Any questions you may have pertaining to your return device or updates with your appointment will be addressed via the ticket. 


  1. 4) On the day of your Return, you will check in with Public Safety at the Main Gate having followed the CUNY Health Screening Protocols, letting them know you will be returning a Loaner Device to Kiely Hall.. You will then follow signs for the ITS- Student Loaner Device Return Booth. Have all forms on hand and your ticket number ready. You will place your device on the grey table to be inspected. After your device has been inspected and forms are signed, you may be dismissed. Any additional notes of damages or malfunctions that was not mentioned prior to your return will be noted on the Service Request ticket. Understand that you are financially responsible for the replacement of lost equipment at its original purchase price, and for the cost to repair physically damaged equipment. 




  1. 5) Once your Service Request has been “Resolved” or “Closed”, your device is deemed officially returned and has passed inspection. You will be unassigned from the device afterwards. Your Service Request Ticket will be your receipt that your device was successfully returned. 


We are ITS. We are here to help!