1. After installing M365 Outlook organize your email and calendar app on your android, start the application and go to the settings.

alt="Add Mail Account"

2. Then click it again at the bottom of the screen 

3. Outlook might detect you have a Google or other account already on the device. Press the Skip option in the lower right of the screen to continue.

4. Enter your CUNYfirst credentials (firstname.lastname##(numbers)@login.cuny.edu) and then press Continue in the lower right corner. 

alt="Adding account continued"

5. Select the IMAP option in the Advance section.


6. Fill out the form below:

  • Display name
  • Description: can be Campus Email or whatever you prefer
  • IMAP Host Name: outlook.office365.com
  • IMAP Username: CUNYfirst username
  • IMAP Password: CUNYfirst password
  • SMTP Host Name: smtp.office365.com
  • SMTP Username: CUNYfirst username
  • SMTP Password: CUNYfirst password

Press the Check mark on the upper right hand corner (illustrated below)

alt="Connect IMAP"

7. After the steps above are completed you will be brought to your Inbox. 

NOTE: It may take several minutes for all of your email and various folders to populate with your messages.