Please review the 6 Acceptable Use of University Data in the Cloud Policy before storing, synching, and/or sharing data in any of cloud service, including Microsoft Office 365 for Education.

Microsoft Office 365 for Education offers convenient cloud-based services to facilitate your work at

CUNY. Office 365 for Education (Office 365) includes OneDrive for Business, a cloud file storage and

sharing service, as well as other online applications that may be made available to you. Although Office

365 is a University-licensed cloud solution, there are security practices that must be followed to ensure

the service is used in a manner that best protects the security of the University’s confidential and

sensitive data.

This policy provides rules regarding the acceptable use of Office 365 by members of the CUNY

community for CUNY academic, research and administrative purposes. These rules are applicable only to

Office 365 and not to other cloud-based applications and services and supplement CUNY’s general

Acceptable Use of Computer Resources policy.

I. Benefits of Office 365

II. Using Office 365 Securely

III. Protecting Your Data in Office 365

IV. Protecting Confidential Data

V. Protecting Sensitive Data

VI. Sharing Public Data