1.        Go to the Apple App Store or for Android Devices, go to Google Play

2.        Search for “Everbridge” – the App is reddish-orange and has 3 bridges as its logo

3.        Download the Everbridge Mobile app & open after download

4.        Click on Enroll – and type in your organization which is “CUNY”

5.        Choose and click on:  CUNY – Health Screening

6.        This brings you to a CUNY Login credentials page

7.        Type your CUNYFirst Login credentials

            First name.last

8.        At bottom right corner, you will see a red shield.  Click on it.

9.        Click on Symptom Checker – Complete all questions – then submit.

10.      Results will be sent to you under the Feed screen.  Close out of the symptom checker by clicking the “X” at the top of the page and Refresh the “Feed” page by swiping down on the screen.  Your results will be sent to you.  If you click on the “return to campus” confirmation link – you will see your results:

  • Green Check – You are good to access Campus
  • Red Check – You must go home and follow up with your health care provider