This notice serves to inform all QC Members, Summit Residents, and Campus Project partners of the mandated health screening protocol in order to access the Queens College campus. This process follows all Covid-19 pertinent State and University guidelines and recommendations.


Campus access is no longer being provided by an individual email request. As our Safety Plan has been approved, we are now streamlining the process by which QC Members and others can request access to the Campus. 

Starting immediately, anyone entering the campus must show the following:

  • Green approval check from Everbridge 
  • Current QR code from Proxyclick
  • A QC ID or New York State ID must be presented as well.  

All persons will be required to go through the following two protocols as defined below:


1.         CUNY Mandated EVERBRIDGE App. Please download this app by clicking here and complete the Health Screening Symptom Checker contained therein. If you are approved to come to campus, you will receive a Green wellness check approval confirmation – both in the feed section of the App, as well as a Return to Campus email confirmation.



2.         QCA20, also known as Proxyclick, is a screening tool designed specifically for QC and will ensure that only those previously approved can gain access to the campus.  This screening should be done following confirmation of approval from the Everbridge Health App.


- For One-Time access for Faculty and Staff, you will need to apply utilizing the following link  This request typically requires 3 days ‘advanced notice for approval. 


- For Ongoing Access, you must coordinate your request with your Chairperson, Dean, and Chief of Staff Meghan Moore-Wilk.


         - For Contractors to register for the two screening protocols, please provide First Names, Last Names and email addresses for all personnel expected to be on campus.  This should be submitted ASAP to COS Meghan Moore-Wilk, EHS Director William Graffeo and/or Parmanand Panday. This is especially essential for all persons who may be part of single visit to campus, or as part of construction crew expected to be on site daily as part of new project.


You will receive an email from Proxyclick 12 hours before each visit to campus (sample attached).  You will need to follow the directions in the email and click on the “Open Questions” button which will take you to the questions you must answer.  It should be noted that Contractors and Students are EXEMPT from watching the Return to Work video, but MUST answer “YES” to this question in order to complete the health screening tool.  Upon successful completion of QCA20, you will receive a QR code that you are to show at the front gate.  Access the campus is only through the Main Gate on Kissena Blvd.  


Beginning on Wednesday, September 30, if you receive a red “denied access” message on Everbridge, even if due to an inadvertent error when completing the questionnaire, you will not be able to access the campus until you satisfy one of the following requirements:

1. See a doctor and obtain a note stating that you are in good health and may access campus. 

2. Provide recent COVID-19 test results documenting that you are negative for the virus. 

3. Quarantine for 14 days before returning to the campus. 

  • Students may submit the doctor’s note or negative COVID-19 test results to Adam Rockman at for verification.
  • Faculty/Staff may submit them to Lee Kelly at
  • If you do not provide one of these verifications, a 14-day quarantine period is required.

Please take extra care when completing the health check on Everbridge as you will not be able to redo your responses. There will be no exceptions.

If You Do Not Have a Smartphone or CUNYfirst Credentials:

1.  If you do not have a smartphone or CUNYfirst credentials (e.g. RF employees), provide your first name, last name, and email address in advance of your visit to

2.  You will receive an email with the subject line, “Member Portal Registration Invitation from CUNY.”  Please click the registration link inside the email.

3.  Create your account by completing the fields for username and password on the sign-up page.

4.  Enter your contact information on the “My Profile Page.”  Click “Save and Continue.”

5.  Select your language preference, guest contact type, and Queens College as your campus on the “My Information” page.  

6.  Review your information and click the “Finish” button.

You will receive a daily email notification from Everbridge which will allow you to complete the health check on a desktop computer. Please bring a printed copy of the green “approved” message when accessing the campus. If you do not have access to a home computer or printer, when you arrive on campus you will be directed to the Kiely Hall lobby where a computer will be provided for the purpose of completing the health check.




Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we work to keep essential operations running and the campus safe.