If you do not have access to a smart phone, please click the following link to the Everybridge for Email option: Everbridge for Email

1. Go to the Apple App Store or for Android Devices, go to Google Play, search for “Everbridge Mobile App” and Download it

2. Open the EverBridge Mobile App after download and installation


3. Choose to Allow or Don't Allow Notifications

4. Tap Find an organization or subscription


5. Tap on the Search Field

6. Type in your organization which is “CUNY” 

7.  Tap CUNY- Health Screening from the Organizations

8. Enter your CUNYfirst credentials (firstname.lastnameXX@LOGIN.CUNY.EDU where XX are the last two digits of your EMPLID) and CUNYfirst password, then tap Login


9. Confirm your Notification and Alert settings for the Everbridge Mobile App, then tap Done

10. Tap the red shield icon in the lower right corner

 11.Click on Symptom Checker Icon

12. You must select an option before you tap Next

13. When you complete the Check, you can tap Close

14. You can access your Feed by tapping the three line menu icon in the upper left corner

15. Then tapping Feed

16.  You can see all your Confirmations in the Feed section. Refresh the page by swiping down. Tap a Confirmation to see it's status.

17. You will see your results: Green Check – You are good to access Campus (have the Confirmation ready to show Public Safety) | Red Check – You must go home and follow up with your health care provider