You would need to do two things in order to get access to Google Classroom:

1) Activate your CAMS account. Please go here and activate your account:

- Click on details to activate and set up your password.

2) Activate your Qmail account. Username is your and your password is going to be your CUNYfirst password. Please go here:
- After you log in, make sure you click on the OUTLOOK icon and enter into your inbox.

Outlook Icon

*** 2-3 business days after the last account has been activated, your Google access will be provisioned ***

Once your QC Google Account has been provisioned, please follow the instructions below.

Go here to log into Google Classroom:
- Use your QC Username to log in.
- You will be brought to a page that looks like this:

After you sign in, on the top right of your Browser Window look for this icon that is indicated in RED & click on it:

Google apps

A drop down menu will appear with Apps to select, Scroll down this list and you should see Google Classroom 
NOTE: If it does not appear on the initial list, you might have to click on "Show More Apps" [but the exact wording escapes me at the moment]

Google Classroom location

Helpful links:
CAMS: (you would only need to go to CAMS if you want to reset your CAMS password after you had activated your account)