1. To add Availability click on the My Availability tab and then click on Add Time.

2. Select the date and time that you are available to meet with a student.

3. Select from Appointment or Drop-ins and then select the Unit/Department you're in.

4. Select the location of the meeting on campus/or a virtual location (i.e WebEx, Zoom           


5. Select the services for the student if they are coming for an appointment.

6. Enter instructions for the student before the student arrives at the appointment. If you 

   are meeting with multiple students please indicate it, and click Save.

7. If you would like edit the appointments click on Edit Appointment Constraints

8. Under Student Appointment Constraints it shows how many hours in advance a student 

   must wait before scheduling an appointment, the length of the appointment, then click  

   Update Constraints (to Save).

9. Definition of the sections listed above

10. Click on More Tab to see further information. Quick Links sends you straight to Bb, 

      CUNYfirst etc.