Type a note

  • Click or tap anywhere on the page and start typing.

    All of your work is saved automatically.

Move a note

  • Drag the top of the content box to where you want it on the page.

Resize a note

  • Drag the side of the content box to resize it.

Handwrite notes

You can handwrite notes with a mouse, stylus, or your finger.

  • Select Draw, select a pen, and start writing.

Convert handwriting to text

  1. Choose Select Objects or Type Text or Lasso Select.

  2. Draw a circle around the text and select Ink to Text.

    Now you can edit the text the same way you edit your typed text.

Use OneNote to record audio notes

  1. Click or tap the page, and then select Insert > Audio.

    OneNote immediately starts recording.

  2. To end the recording, select Stop.

  3. To listen to the recording, press the Play button, or double-click the audio recording.

Source: Microsoft