The SharePoint homepage is your place to find SharePoint sites and portals, read news, or look up content.

  • News from sites highlights updates from sites you follow or visit often.

  • Frequent sites shows sites you like to go to and recent activity.

  • Suggested sites appear based on recent searches you've done and recommendations from the Microsoft Graph.

    Note: Microsoft Graph must be enabled by your admin to see featured content and suggested sites on your SharePoint homepage.

  • To search for a site, file, or person across your company, type it in the search box and select it from the results to open and view it.

  • To follow a SharePoint site, go to where it is, and select the star Shows the Star icon next to the site's name.

    Note: Once you follow a SharePoint site, it'll appear in your Following section.

  • Following shows all the sites you follow, such as your team site or a site from another group you work with.

  • Recent highlights any SharePoint sites you've gone to recently.

  • Featured links displays sites your company wants to spotlight.

Source: Microsoft