Auto-forwarding of email from CUNY email systems to non-CUNY email addresses is prohibited by CUNY Security Policy. For more details, see the policy available here:

Queens College began enforcing this policy on Wednesday, May 4, 2016. All messages auto-forwarded to non-CUNY addresses will be returned to the sender (bounced). This will continue until auto-forwarding rules are disabled or removed.

Instructions to remove auto-forwarding rules for Outlook and OWA are here:
Alternatives to auto-forwarding are using OWA (webmail) at or configuring your email client(s) to retrieve email from the college email system. Instructions for supported email clients are under the section titled “Configure MyMail on a third party client” here:
If you have questions or need assistance after reading the instructions, please call the Helpdesk at (718)997‐4444.