As you roll out Yammer within your organization, you will want to personalize the network. This involves some practical changes that can be made, and then the main work is building the right culture for your Yammer network.

Add a logo, usage policy, and welcome message

  • Upload your organizational logo so that all using Yammer know what network they are in.

  • Establish a general usage policy that users are required to accept. This will make sure activity on Yammer is positive, constructive, and lines up with organizational policies.

  • Create a unique welcome message to invite users to start using Yammer.

Create a positive Yammer culture

Creating the right culture within your Yammer network is key to a successful roll out. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Provide clear etiquette and guidance to help Yammer conversations be positive and productive.

  • Use community managers to encourage others to contribute and model a positive tone.

  • Create a Yammer 101 group so everyone has a place to start, ask questions, and learn Yammer best practices.

Source: Microsoft