Track a task with buckets and labels

Use buckets and labels to sort and track tasks.

  • Create different buckets to see and track the status of a task.

  • Select a task and then add or remove labels to track where each article is in the publishing process.

Share and collaborate with a SharePoint document library

Keep your articles in a SharePoint document library so you can share and collaborate with others.

  1. Select More > Files.

  2. Select New > Word document.

  3. Select the file title and type the name of your article.

  4. Go to the Planner tab, open the related task, and select Add attachment > SharePoint to attach the document.

  5. Select your article and then select Save.

Review individual assignments

See each assignment so team members can report on the status of their articles.

  • Select Group by > Assigned To.

Source: Microsoft