Move a task

With buckets set up by priority, you can move tasks from one bucket to another based on their urgency.

  • Select a task you want to reprioritize and then move it to the bucket you want.

See everyone's availability and assign a task

Find an available team member and then assign a task to them.

  1. Select Charts.

  2. In the Members pane, find the team member with the fewest assigned tasks.

  3. Select Group by > Assigned To so Unassigned tasks appear first in the list.

  4. Select Members and drag the chosen team member onto the task to create the assignment.

View everyone's status

Look at all the tasks in Board view to see everyone's progress and balance how much work everyone has.

  1. Select Board > Group by > Assigned To.

  2. From the Assigned To view, you can:

    • See the bucket name under the task name so you can balance work by priority.

    • Drag-and-drop tasks to change who they're assigned to.

Close a task

When you're done with a task, close it to mark it as complete.

  • Select Complete task when you're finished with a task and want to close it.

Source: Microsoft