Each student in your Class Notebook shares access to the notebook’s Content Library and Collaboration Space. Their notebook also contains a private workspace only you share.

Students need an Office 365 account at your school before you can add them.

  1. Sign in to Office.com with the log-in provided by your school.

  2. Select Class Notebook, then Add or remove students in the Class Notebook Wizard.

    OneNote Class Notebook Wizard with icons to Create a class notebook, Add or remove students, Add or remove teachers, and Manage notebooks.

  3. Select the notebook you're adding students to.

  4. Type in a student name, email address, or group name to add student(s) from your school.

    Add student names in Class Notebook for OneNote.

    Tip: Separate a list of students with semi-colons.

  5. Confirm the students with access to your Class Notebook.

  6. Click Update.

The student(s) you added will receive an email with a link to their notebook.


  • When using a OneNote Class/Staff Notebook created via Microsoft Teams, you cannot add/remove Students or members using the Class Notebook Wizard online.

  • Notebook members must be added/removed via Microsoft Teams.

Source: Microsoft