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Create an event

  1. On the navigation pane, select Calendar Calendar view button.
  2. Select New Event > New Event.
    New Event 

Note: If you select a date and time in the calendar, 

the date and time of your selection are automatically entered in a new appointment window. 

Calendar event page

  1. Add the event name in New Event.
  2. Select Scheduling Assistant.
    Event Scheduling page


In Add required invitee type the invitee's name then select the invitee from the list of contacts. 

Repeat the process above for all invitees.

Find a time and date that everyone is available and then choose the time and date.

Select Done.

For a Teams meeting, select the Teams meeting button.

Select either Does not repeat or the repeat pattern for the meeting.

Select Add a location or the Teams meeting button.

Note: When you add a location, select Browse with Room Finder and select a room location.

Select the notification timing of your choice.

Select Send.


Draft 1.0

M. Ortiz (9/22/2022)

(G. Nurse, W. Wong)